The Power of Adobe Camera Raw

The beginning is critical

One of the first places you will see your camera file in all its glory after making the exposure will be in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom. Although the functionality of both programmes is almost identical, on this workshop we will be focussing on Adobe Camera Raw and how to best understand its basic controls.
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Mastering the tools

It is at this point in the photographic journey that we lay the foundations of what the finished photograph will be, and an understanding of the tools is critical to this process. Also essential is grasping how the tools work on conjunction with each other to bring about gradual, but profound changes. We will set out how the controls directly relate to the histogram, and how this relationship should be utilised rather than the histogram simply being a reference point for checking for correct exposure and clipped highlights and shadows.

A creative pathway

Beginning with the Basic Panel, we will set out the importance of how these sliders hugely influence the colours and tonality of your image even before considering localised adjustments. We will go into detail the many tools at your disposal such as the Graduated Filter, Radial Filter and how to best use the Adjustment Brush in a subtle but creative way, as well as sharpening, lens corrections, spot removal and the Hue, Saturation and Luminance Panel.
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Enlightening techniques

We believe that if you get it wrong at this stage of image editing, then as you move onwards you are essentially ‘recovering’ the file as opposed to ‘refining’ the file. Editing platform have changed hugely over the years and this is an opportunity to get the most up-to-the-minute techniques with which to explore your images.

What you will get

20 videos to explain how to master the controls of Adobe Camera Raw
Other supporting learning material
Learn at your own pace
Tuition from two master landscape photographers
Access to a private community group
Option to include 1 to 1 tuition via ZOOM
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The Power of Adobe Camera Raw

Course Content

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The Power of Adobe Camera Raw

Learn the power is these simple tool that are used at the beginning of many image journeys.
Your Instructors
Author of 4 books and with over 30 years experience photographing the great outdoors you are in good hands.  Paul is an acclaimed black and white photographer and has translated the best of dark room practices into the digital world.
Paul gallagher
Author, photography press columnist, and principal lecturer for the Epson Print Academy, Michael has been a professional landscape photographer for over a decade. He is regarded as a Master Printer and sought after speaker.
michael pilkington

Some feedback from people who have already taken the course

I have progressed from a very basic knowledge of some ACR elements to now understanding that all the various components are designed to interact.  The videos were clear and informative and have given me a significantly improved knowledge of the product.
I very much enjoyed the ACR course.  I particularly enjoyed the way that the course was structured.  Small bite sized pieces which were clearly presented.  You unlocked the power on ACR which I knew was there.
I have read loads of books, blogs, tutorials etc on post processing but I had totally missed the importance of maximising the benefits from ACR before going into photoshop.

The Power of Adobe Camera Raw

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